Okay, okay, so I broke something.  Again... What is this, the fifth time?  Anyway, yes, I know, "age" on the infoboxes is malfunctioning.  I was trying to FINALLY fix "age", which should have been capitalized all along to "Age".  So I did fix THAT, that's not the problem. 

The problem is, "age" didn't change to "Age" on the pages, so "Age" showed nothing becuase all the info was still entered into "age", you get me?  Probably not.  So, I had to change it back.  That or manually create new infoboxes for 145 pages and swap the information from the old to the new infoboxes.  Yeah... NOPE!  It hasn't fixed itself though...  Um... I'm gonna give it an hour to update before I oficially start panicing.

UPDATE:  WE'RE GOOD, IT FIXED ITSELF.  That "age" will haunt me forever though.

~(The Embarassed) "The Rift Café Wiki" Founder PassionateAboutPonies

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