Summary Edit

Deep within The Void lies an outpost named...The Void. Founded by Onyx the Dragon, The Outpost is a small village of even smaller creators. Yet the community created there is thriving. Not to be confused with The Void Skpye group

History Edit

After his ejection from Limbo, Onyx the Dragon founded an outpost deep within The Void. He called it...The Void. (though when discussed in context of The proper Void, it is referred to as 'The Outpost') The Void Outpost remained dormant for months. But eventually, Onyx began to seek out smaller creators, analysts or otherwise. And they came together to found a small but active community of smaller creators.

The Outpost Today Edit

Void village

NOTE: Being rather nebulous, and hard to reach. (since it's deep within The proper Void and all) we're not quite sure what the outpost actually looks like, and this is only an artist's interpretation (image by ZDoso)

Today, the Outpost is a thriving community of smaller creators. For those seeking entry, it is possible for, and preferred that you seek it out. However, more often than not, potential members are invited to join its vibrant community. The Outpost today sees semi-regular interaction with The Rift City, as various members of The Outpost's community join them for the occasional podcast. Some of its members are even fully fledged members of the City.

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