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The Rift City Lore Edit

Long in the future Robert Who dies of nuclear radiation in FOE but before he passes on he helps two warring groups called "The Badlanders" and "Colt Clans" unite. Robert, with the help of the two groups, dig up the City of Manehattan and send it up into the Rift in the present day. After Robert Who completes his last wish he finally dies from the radiation and passes on his legacy on to his long life frienenemy "Missy". When Robert regenerates he leaves his phone box To Missy.

Though the city may be called "Old Manehattan", it is known in the Rift as "Rift City ". The City itself has everything. From shopping Malls, apartments, restaurants, casinos, stores, and more, Rift City has it all.

The Rift City ( In Real Life) Edit

The Rift City is a podcast show of many lower ranked bronies. The podcast was started in 2016 when Jakee Arnold asked Robert Who to help him with the new podcast. After a long time of searching, Robert who and Jakee found a few bronies that wanted to join. Which were Fast Track, FlutterRose, Snogwritts, Evan Bernardi, and Robert who.

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The Rift City (improved version)

The Rift City (improved version)


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