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The Rift Café Wiki is a collection of information, trivia, and facts about YouTube's brony analysts, reviewers, and critics, commonly referred to as "Bronalysts". However animators, artists, writers, ect. are welcome to add info on themselves and their works as well since the Rift is open to all who are part of the Brony community.

The Bronalysis community is a large and diverse group in which people analyze and review the episodes, fanworks, themes, characters, and settings of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Number of active users: 20


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Bright Idea Sings ~ The Brony Song (parody of "Yakko's World")05:09

Bright Idea Sings ~ The Brony Song (parody of "Yakko's World")

These Bronies are Inspired by Finn The Pony-004:28

These Bronies are Inspired by Finn The Pony-0

700 Sub Special!-001:51

700 Sub Special!-0

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