The Ponyville Critic is from the foreign land of Scotland, where the rivers run thick with Irn Bru and Wild Haggis roam the hilltops. Before embarking into the pony analysis scene proper, Critic first went under the alias Fire with a series called "Let's Talk Ponies" which he maintains was a waste of his time as the audio and editing quality wa

☀Oooh!! Serena pee pee! Squeak squeak tinkle pretty pee pee ooh warm pisss footpaws pad and splish and smell of her pee pee while he spurts and warm golden tinkle flows down and smells up her pee paws OH and her anus puckers while her little cun twitch as her pee pee churns and bursts between her legs and the very tip of her urethra splishes and squirts and twitches with her warm bladder full of pee pee, she squishes her cun in desperation as her paws soaked with tinkle twitch and her balls pressed together and she aims her pee pee tinkle cun between her legs, making her thighs wet and stinky with warm hot tinkle pee as she rubs and splashes and her toes stink of wet pee fur ooohh tinkle pee pee soooo baaadd!

She needs a diaper!! Diaper diapee pampee diap comforting pee pee diaper for him to tinkle in and rest her pee cun and press the slit against the soft insides of the warm diaper and squirt spurt warm yellow and twitch her cun inside OOhh anon! She needs a diapee diaper! Anon she needs a pamper pampee diaperrr!!!s abysmal. It was only after seeing the amazing work of pony reviewers Antony C and Silver Quill that he made his first attempt at analysis with the Fantastic 52 series which concluded successfully.


  • Critic was a brony for almost a year before joining the analysis scene as "The Ponyville Critic".
  • Critic runs an interview show called Critic Interviews in which "in his own words", he: "Invites MLP analysts reviewers and other such titles" and he: "Asks them questions and they answer them." Among his guests are Antony C , PaleoSteno, British Brony, and Comic Sans
  • He has a deep-seated hatred for Spike at your Service, don't even ask him about it, just don't...
  • His favorite episode of the show is Hurricane Fluttershy, containing who he considers as "best pony".
  • A surprising amount of people are enamored with his deep Scottish accent though he doesn't really understand why.
  • He met his best friend, GeekySteven in a My Little Pony roleplay thread which is the most replied to roleplay on there. An award has never been given.
  • Critic's evil OC is named Dr. Haggis McEvil and has only appeared in a 4 part collab with Comic Sans covering the Reflections comic arc as a minion to Comic's evil OC Sans Serif. McEvil's whereabouts are currently unknown.




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