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Sapphire is a Pony reviewer that has studied the analysis community ever since she had found Digibrony's review on Alicorn Princess Twilight, but didn't think much of it until the Antony C/Tommy Oliver (Or Brony Curious) collaboration of "A Canterlot Wedding." She had begun her research studying the points of reviewers and their styles ever since. Being on a Facebook page, she had began to start up her once abandoned DeviantArt Page in the summer of 2014 during a convention called "Colossalcon" in Sandusky Ohio.

She then had started everything up from there, and her first upload in 2015 was a "Welcome to the show" alternate ending where the Dazzlings won. Sadly due to the poor editing and audio skills during the time... It was unbearable to watch. She then uploaded again with a Rarity audition video for Dr. Wolf. ... She didn't get the role. But she had fun and thought that maybe she should do videos more often, and started her first review.

About the OC Edit

Sapphire Heart Song had gone through a few redesigns throughout the years before being finalized in the beginning of 2014. Originally the OC had an Ice Blue coat, pink eyeshadow, with a frost blue and light hydrangea mane back in late 2013. Sapphire then had a white coat with Ice/Sapphire Blue Hair, blue eyeshadow, and green eyes with a red heart cutie mark with a curved musical staff and a sapphire in the middle. The current design is the same, but instead of ice blue hair, it became a mix of tender pink, pale yellow, royal blue and iris. This is to reflect her love of Sapphires, for Sapphires come in those colors... But in reality the hair became like that after a mix in shampoos or an accident when experimenting with crystals. The creator claims that the name comes from her birthstone/favorite gem, her "caring" personality and passion, and the personal background of others around her constantly telling her to go join choir.

Comedy Influences and Styles Edit

Sapphire often likes to do observational comedy based on her experiences in the fandom, experiences with her personal life, and used to portray herself as that annoying copy of analysts and still wonders why she had an audience at all. Then she went on to portray herself as the annoying analyst with a boastful personality similar to Trixie. But now she just does whatever comes to her mind, dirty or not, typically a more pessimistic approach when reviewing.

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Sapphire's main influence when it comes to her sense of Humor is Silver Quill, who she currently works with on the MBS show. Sapphire admires Silver for having a down to earth, yet somewhat evil personality that she can relate to. One of her favorite jokes is the "Let it Go" scene during his review of "Lost treasure of Griffonstone."

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  • Before becoming a Brony, she was a huge Pokemon, anime, cartoon and former sonic fan.
  • Her birthday is on the same day and year as "Pokemon Red and Blue" when the game was released in America.
  • First Pony Review: Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6,000
  • Sapphire's Weapon of choice is the "Pumpkin Head Keyblade"
  • Possibly a hipster.
  • Is in a cannon ship with Manga Kamen.
  • Sapphire was once an Alicorn known as "The Princess of Bullshit."
  • Sapphire has also been known to be the Bronalysis Equivalent to Trixie Lulamoon
  • Sapphire actually was attacked by a bat during the night "BATS!" premiered, inspiring her review of the episode, and had gotten her big break in the analysis community.

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