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Robert Who is a time colt from Gallafray. He has had many lives and forms throughout the ages. Though, he may look like a regular earth pony, he's definitely not one! 

He says that his species is part Changeling, which is why his kind changes throughout the years.

Like all Timecolts, Robert Who has three hearts (except females Timecolts have 4) and is able to swim in hot lava.

Robert is extremely good at spell casting and has lots of knowledge about the rift.

He is on his 3rd generation form, and is traveling the rift with his current companion, Zoey Doso, a former captain of Battle Nations.

Robert Who's History & Timelines Edit

In Real Life Edit

Robert Who is also a YouTuber, a guitar player, vector artist, reviewer and analyst mlp and others, reactor, animator, and a gamer.