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Onyx the Dragon is one of bronalysis's newer members. While his first video didn't even have visuals, his newer content takes inspiration from analysts like SilverQuill; though his newer videos (except Pacing and Pondering) have a basic plot premise to tie the gags together. However, unlike SilverQuill, Onyx is a true antagonist. And rumors state he is constructing an army of robots to take over The Rift Cafe.

Onyx the Dragon his also the founder of The Outpost. After months of sitting in The Void, and finding is content unfit for application to either Rift, he decided to start his own base. He built an outpost and named it...The Void. (for obvious reasons, it is generally referred to as 'The Outpost' when discussed in context with The Void) The Outpost lay dormant for months after its construction. But Onyx soon began to seek out smaller creators with potential. And The Outpost has since become a growing, and thriving community. Though its members generally consider Onyx to be a leader mad with power.

In his spare time, (assuming he's not hiding in his dimension doing who knows what) he can usually be seen either pacing the halls of The Rift Cafe incoherently mumbling to himself, or rummaging through the fridge for the few gems kept on hand.

Trivia Edit

  • Founder of The Outpost
  • Is an unofficial writer for the Wiki you're reading RIGHT NOW
  • Hates coffee
  • Considers himself a bigger fan of the community than the show

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Fanart by ZDoso

A year of acquaintances by crystalqill-datiblu

Art by Freedom Flash

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