Kimi Sparkle is the "special" self-proclaimed "Only Pegasister Reviewer" (However, this is false because there are many more including: Keyframe, ILoveKimPossibleAlot, Eliyora ,etc.) Her creator is none other than Sherclop Pones; creator of the "How Applejack Won the War" and the very popular "Friendship is Witchcraft".


  • It was running joke for April Fool's that Kimi Sparkle was being featured on an official episode of MLP however when Kimi found out all the analysts in on it had to apologize.
  • Sherclop Pones is known for predicting many canon things including, Twilicorn, Rainbow Rocks, and the Smooze's return.
  • Kimi really has to pay more attention to the plot of the episodes she reviews.
  • Kimi also does not like Rarity at all and perfers the idea of Trixie taking her place




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