Background Edit

KeybladeSmasher is a 20-year old Youtuber from the Midwest United States. He joined the brony fandom in early January 2013, but became a brony reviewer in June 2015.

His OC, Smashing Light, is a green-and-orange Earth Pony from Ponyville.

Trivia Edit

  • He's very open to collaborative works with other reviewers.
  • His favorite episode is "Pinkie Pride", while his least favorite episode is "Spike at Your Service".
  • His favorite ponies are Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Moon Dancer.
  • He has occasionally been confused with Keyframe - not due to their personalities, but because the Rift has two "Keys."
  • His channel is devoted both to his love of animation & film, as well as his love of video games.
  • He has written several (mostly uncompleted) fan fictions.
  • He attended BronyCon 2016.

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