" Hello my Brony and Pegasister friends! My name is Ink Rose "
Ink's Greeting message


Ink Rose is a maroon colored pegasus pony known for her sweet and loving voice and personality. Beneath her calm, inviting demeanor lies the heart of a lion. Kind to her friends and strangers yet pure hell to her enemies, Ink Rose is somepony you could easily underestimate. She currently lives in Cloudsdale working at the town library. She is also training in the arts of "Rift Walking" with her mentor Voice of Reason in order to travel different universes. In fanfiction she is often seen as a scribe or scholar, documenting events, telling her own stories, and/or creating works of art and writings to publish. Ink Rose can easily defend herself in a fight. Her fiery attitude shines most when backed into a corner or coming to the aide of friends. Her appearance in fan fictions varies. She has been seen as a fighter pilot, scribe, scout, librarian, etc.


  • Ink is the "apprentice" to Voice of Reason, the "Master of the Rift".
  • Shipped with Commander Firebrand, Ink Rose has two fannon children with him; Morning Shine and Circus Blossom.









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