Eric vector by The Editor

Based on The Editor's real life pet, (who is sadly no longer with us) Eric is an orange, walleyed, dunce of a feline who posses an I.Q. slightly higher than that of an Eggplant. Despite this however, he has somehow gained the ability to fly rotating his tail similarly to a helicopter propeller. Not unlike a popular fox from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

Eric is the mascot of The Secret Rift. And as such, can be seen near the middle of its Youtube channel banner. He was also once seen stealing a trophy addressed to BritishNinja Jeff. Little else is known about him. Likely due to limited appearances in video projects.

Trivia Edit

  • Is The Secret Rift's mascot
  • Once stole a trophy from BritishNinja Jeff.
  • Learned to fly by spinning his tail.
  • Onyx was once convinced into adopting it as his OC. This was quickly undone as it turned out he didn't technically have permission.