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in Dr Fowls Backstory it is said he hails from the lifebeing, a stone bird that shattered to create life on the world, the byproduct of this being the energy that brought the Rift into being, after a few iterations haphestus, Dr Fowl was formed from the egg of his fathers soul when it split off into 2 entities, Dr Fowl and King Cocklesworth (the bronalysis king born of the egg formed by the second haphestus), While Dr Fowl stayed in the present, King Cocklesworth went to the future and ran the world as its king.

Dr Fowl saw the world and thought, that he would take the form of a pony to try and fit in, but after growing a distaste for the content created by the people around him he took it upon himself to shed his pony form and take upon his true form.


  • The First and Only Chicken Analyst on YouTube.
  • He is by far the coolest in the Rift. (FACT!)
  • One of the first members of the rift (first moderation)
  • English
  • Is the Head Honcho of the Chicken Brigade, a private army of chickens trained in a secret martial art.
  • His OC cameoed in "The Shipping Game" next to MrEnter and behind Persian Poetess.
  • Played a Tiefling Bard in D&D 5E who wears a purple chicken costume.



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