Background Edit

Night Writer is a gray earth pony trickster as well as the host of 'Case Closed', night writer is a brony gamer, reviewer, and artist.

his intro for his videos is a sting of thors hammer from the youtube audio library

night writer is resident trickster as well as the rift cafe's cheshire cat.

History/backstory Edit

diz grew up as a changeling, born to the hive of the evil changeling queen chryssallis... one day, a revolt broke out between a splinter cell of the hive who believed the queen was leading them down a path of extinction. during said revolt, the young diz suffered numerous injuries, including the loss of his right front leg... years passed since the revolt, the splinter hive now exiled, diz felt lost, questions rose in his head during a hunt... and soon, he fled the hive he coveted, to learn to not be a changeling... upon a week of near starvation, diz ran across a group of zebras, with superior technology and arcane rituals, the zebras heard diz' plea, the zebras decided to assist the young broken changeling in his quest. an entire year of surgeries, magic rituals, and pain, lots of pain... their toil had paid off... they were the first in history to successfully turn a pure changeling... into a pony. but at a cost... diz was an earth pony yes, but at the same time he was not... he had become omnipresent, everywhere, and nowhere... his newfound powers gone haywire, the zebras equipped his newly implanted robotic arm with technology and magic to keep diz' being planted in his world.

weapons Edit

night writer has a variety of weaponry at his disposal, being quite an expert at utilizing the animation technique commonly referred to as the 'magic satchel'. but amongst his vast armory of tools, weapons, random props, he most commonly prefers his double barreled death dealer, the doom 2016 super shotgun.

cheshire powers Edit

due to the incident during his transformation, diz can turn off the inhibitor in his robotic arm, and is able to teleport anywhere he wants to, yet at the same time be nowhere at all.

nights glove Edit

dizaster's glove on his right hand (or hoof, whichever you want to call it night never cares) is not just a regular glove. given to him by a witch, the "compendium of the arcane" or 'copycat' as diz calls it, is a magic device made specifically for scatterbrains like night writer, which night has used to great strides... normaly used as a method to help unicorns focus their magic, diz has modified it with methods similar to the 4th wall and made it a tool for magic. with the glove, diz can manipulate the world around him, and use magic from something to simple telekinesis, to ripping holes in the fabric of reality. although the latter seems only to work in areas outside of dimensional pockets; places like the rift cafe diz is limited in his magic.

along with is own magic, the copycat is also able to replicate other pony's spells, hence the name... however, they are not as strong as the owners, so diz does not rely to heavily on the spells he copies

fandom career Edit

diz started in the fandom as a tumblr blog, eventually moving on from tumblr to a twitter brony, and finally settling down as a brony reviewer/analyst. after going through multiple oc changes and style changes, diz has settled into a style of creating he is comfortable with. diz has fashioned over 120 subscribers as of january 2017, but is more focused on trying to tighten a schedule together above everything else.

video style Edit

diz does not consider himself an analyst, priding more on his comedy and his opinion of the video than nitpicking... although he does love to nitpick if its obviously needed.

skype groups Edit

diz has been a part of many groups in skype over his youtube career, some he left voluntarily, others, most of them, he as been removed of, but have still been on decent terms with them

  • limbo- removed (did not fit in in that chat)
  • quelling voice productions- removed (on good terms, removed because not a voice actor)
  • abridged- removed (it was a long story and resulted in a big change in nights personality)
  • definition of insanity- active and a moderator
  • serenity- former administrator, abandoned it for reasons he refuses to explain, (so he doesnt start drama)
  • the nightmare guild- nights personal discord group
  • rift cafe- proud member of the rift cafe

current projects and collabs Edit

  • dizaster schedules a lot of collabs, finding collabs are more fun to make as it gives a wider perpsective... current collabs are
    • hearthswarming tale with mandy chan (currently being edited as of january 9, 2017)
    • what about discord with artsy pawprint (unknown due to lost materials)
    • amending fences with peewee dragon (script made, audio not recorded yet)
    • rarity takes manehattan with eagle tale
    • cart before the ponies with lightspeed
    • gift of maud pie with animewolfgamer
    • summer wars with doodle bug, omniviewer, and matt2
    • the crystalling with diamond ruff and cutie storm
    • flutter brutter with prince thunderflare
    • times they are a changeling with aj the autistic pony
    • scare master with jessica pedley
    • dungeons and discord with rosie sievers
    • gauntlet of fire with kage the dragon pony hybrid


software and hardware Edit

diz uses hitfilm 4 express for his editing software for his videos (formerly imovie until computer upgrade)

diz uses clip studio paint for art and vector program

  • diz also uses a wacom intuos draw with a wireless accessory module

diz uses audacity to record his audio

  • dizaster's current microphone is a blue snowball ice condenser microphone with a dragon pad pop filter

fandom family Edit

diz has a vast fandom family, to a point where he sometimes has no idea whos who...

confirmed family-

  • fandom mothers-
    • fallenwish
    • silver starling
  • fandom sisters-
    • season
    • pastelprose
    • mandy chan

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