D Shadow, better known as Shadows of Magic and Power in Youtube, is a Pegasister working her way to become a good Brony Reviewer. She started her Youtube Channel last year, her channel name formerly MRX101 to hide her Brony Identity. After a few months of recording mainly Jurassic World gameplay videos, she decided to finally switch to the MLP Gameloft game. She currently has 38 subscribers.

Bio Edit

D Shadow, (Full name Indigo Shadow), is a Pegasus born in an Alternate Equestria, where 99% of its population are born with the ITR (Imagination to Reality) ability, which can allow its host to make their imaginations into REALITY. Scientists are still trying to figure out where the ITR ability emerged from. Indigo Shadow, preferred to be called D, had a very BIG imagination. Since she was born with the ITR, she made her favorite Imaginations into Reality, going as far as making herself PART LION and PART Dragon, which resulted in her gaining a left front paw of a Lion, and the right hind foot or claw of a Dragon. One of the most favorite ability D wanted to have is Telekenisis, the power that enables Unicorns to levitate objects. But, during her mid-teen years, she was captured and experimented by an evil pony. He gave her a pill containing MANY, MANY magical abilities. D was most likely to DIE, but, miraculously, D survived. She was eventually saved by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. In order for D to control her newfound powers, she was trained for years by the Royal Sisters themselves.

D is the daughter of the 2 fastest Racers in Cloudsdale, which is actually her parents. Thunderstorm Streak, D's father, and Gentle Breeze, her mother. Both her parents had a reputation as the 2 most fastest racers in Cloudsdale. However, Gentle Breeze decided to retire upon D's birth, and now works as a simple Librarian in Cloudsdale Library. Thunderstorm however, is still continuing his racing career, but he said he would retire after 3 more years in his Racing Career.

Both her parents are also born with the ITR ability. But unlike their energetic daughter, they only have the power of Telepathy in order to communicate with D whenever she's away or on Duty. But, they have hidden powers they kept secret from D that they imagined when D wasn't born yet.

Both of D's parents are very protective of their daughter and son.

D has an older brother named Thunder Cloud, who is an explorer going around the world for exhibitions and making new discoveries along his journey. He now has is own small family and has a son that bears a striking resemblance to D. Cloud decided to name his son Blue Storm.

D is now 20 years old and works as the Captain of Princess Celestia's Royal Guard, and as the Captain of the Legion Guard, an organization in charge to protecting the many dimensions existing in the whole wide universe.

Appearance Edit

D is a tall, blue Pegasus pony with a slightly muscular build that she inherited from her father. D's height is only a few inches shorter than Prince Thunderflare and a few inches taller than Keyframe. D has a very rare condition called Double-Sided Mane syndrome, which means D has 2 sides on her mane instead of one. D's mane is spiky and very thick and long, colored a dark blue and orange, along with her long spiky tail that has the same color as her mane. D has red eyes, a very rare eye color in her dimension. It says that ponies with red eyes are linked to the supernatural and are very intelligent. D has her unusual features that separate her from regular ponies. For instance, she has a left paw of a lion and a right hind leg of a dragon. There is also her very long, sharp, saber teeth, that can enable her to slash or injure her opponents with ease. D has 4 scars on her body, each bearing a story within. One across her left eye, a big x shaped on her chest, and 2 on her left fore limb.

Personality Edit

D's personality is a mixture of Twilight, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash.

D is not comfortable with showing her powers in public. This is because of how ponies with the ITR ability can end up INSANE. D has put limiters to her powers, thus enabling her to know when she's using too much. D is basically an OP pegasus. She was scarred when she came back from her capture. D tends to just stay inside her house in usual times, only coming out to do her job or just to take a walk. Even through training, D still sticks to her limiters. The reason D trained with the Royal Sisters, other than to control it, so she can never let something she experienced, HAPPEN EVER AGAIN, and to protect her friends no matter what.

Powers and Abilities Edit

D possesses more than her own Pegasus magic. Here is a list of 10 of her many powers.

  1. Telekenisis
  2. Fire Breathing
  3. Metamorphosis or Shape Shifting
  4. Sonic Roar
  5. Sonic Howl
  6. Dimensional Portal opening
  7. Teleportation
  8. Wolf's Eye
  9. Super Speed
  10. Creation

Trivia Edit

  • D is the first oc to have more than one gene mixed with her own pony genes. Which makes her a hybrid of more than one creature
  • D was teased when she was little because she had the shortest mane
  • D's end catch phrase is 'D Shadow, OUT!', which is inspired by a fellow Pegasister, Epic V.
  • D has an alter ego she created herself named Scorch Darkness
  • D lives in an alternate univeres Equestria
  • D's favorite food is RAW Salmon
  • Whenever D turns to her R63 form, Indaigo Darkness, she tends to attract many mares