What is it? Edit

The Skype iteration of the Discord server by the same name. It was created first a few weeks before the Discord counterpart. It was created as a way for Comic to interact with his friends outside of the politics of other groups. Like the Discord version it exists currently as a Patreon Reward as well.

History Edit

Fed up with the politics of other chats ComicSans set up a chat where he could talk with friends and try to avoid said politics. It was then used as a means of chatting while on Comic's minecraft server until the Disocrd version of it became more often used for minecraft chats. Now it is also a Patreon Reward following a revamp of Comic's Patreon. Thats really it...

How to Join Edit Edit

there are 3 ways to join this server:

  1. Be close friends with ComicSans
  2. Be the plus one to anyone on the server.
  3. Patreon Reward.

Mods Edit

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