Background Edit

Cobalt is a Blue Jay Hippogryph. Your Hippogryph with Talon't and Host of Analytical Talon't. His theme is Metallingus by Alter Bridge, Commonly Known as the Rate R Superstar Edge's entrance theme. He is self proclaimed the "Rated R Reviewer".

Trivia Edit

  • He is a Toronto Blue Jays Fan
  • His Channel use to be called "ExquisiteMint" after is old OC who was a yellow pegasus
  • Hosted his Flagship panel; Analysis, Feathers, and Talon't 2 years in a row at a Con
  • His First Collab video he was in was HydroCanon58's Who's That Brony, on him
  • Cobalt Lacks a cutiemark due to Griffon Heritage being dominant over his pony side
  • His Father has been rumored to be a taxi driver
  • Loves Cider
  • Unlike Edge the only Spears he throws are Artichokes
  • Sometimes publicly is mistaken for a girl...Seriously this happens to me.
  • is Bisexual

Useful Links Edit

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