Camgoespony used to be a regular pony but then got in a horrible accident involving two rubber bands, a liquid lunch and a particle accelerator. This accident completely destroyed his body and left only his brain intact, which is now hooked up to an advanced cybernetic bio-suit which provides life-support and a sensorimotor interface to the brain allowing him to act, mostly, like a normal pony.

He's gained somewhat of a reputation in the community as a "delusional and blind fanboy," due to his incredibly low standards in the show, which leads him to like virtually every episode.

Cameron officially announced his bronalyst farewell on July 28, 2015. He released a video explaining about this here: Cam is still a brony, but he has left the bronalyst community.

As of November 15, 2015, Cam rejoined the bronalyst community, releasing this video.


  • He had an Transhumanist cutie mark to give why his both Human and Pony OC are Cyborgs due symbolized he support the movement in real life.
  • Cam was a contestant two times on the brony game show "My Little Millionaire". In both episodes (5 and 7), he won 32,000 bits.[1]



Primary (Pony) YouTube:

Secondary YouTube:

Tertiary (Personal) YouTube:




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