Flowers for milkshake-Recovered

Buttons (the tiny one) and Milkshake

Buttons' Reviews Edit

Buttons was originally a doll made by a unicorn stallion named Solar Solstice. He wanted to make a doll for his lover's child who she was bearing. Sadly, the child was a colt, who did not want the doll after he came to the age colts tease other colts for having such things. Buttons for the next eighteen years of their life was bumped from owner to owner, all who changed their gender and name every time. They observed many different religions, ethnicities, and lifestyles all through these owners and their families. Some ponies sadly did not treat Buttons properly in their time of ownership. Some would use Buttons as a way to get out anger, tearing apart and abusing the poor doll. One child even let their dog use Buttons as a chew toy.

One stallion found the doll beaten and abandoned by the side of the roads in Ponyville. This Stallion happened to be Aeon of Dreams, who stitched the doll back together and put an enchantment on it, bringing the doll to life. Buttons from then on learned how to use magic with their horn he gave, though it is only basic. Buttons first true friend was a pegasus mare named Rain cloud, who constantly encouraged them to always be themself, be true to themself, and to never be ashamed of their abilities and desires. She is their best friend, and may always will be.

Buttons also met a Mare by the name of Sleepy Spectre, who overtime grew to be like their big sister, until they announced they were Mare to Stallion Trans, which Buttons was perfectly accepting of.

Sleepy, or Milkshake as Buttons calls him, inspired Buttons' name by calling them "cute as a button,' and it stuck. Buttons has gained confidence and trust in other ponies because of Milkshake.

Buttons is a traditional unicorn, agender and goes by they/them pronouns. Buttons is a rather and even anxious pony, constantly saying sorry and trying to learn what is socially acceptable and not acceptable. They can also be rather awkward, sometimes saying a bit too much on personal life experiences. They are also self conscience due to looking young (I'm five feet lol) (as well as sounding young) for their age, as well as past bullying when they first came to life. But they are slowly coming out of their shell, with the help of their 'pegapupper big brother,' milkshake and PFF Raincloud.

They first decided to become a reviewer when they saw Digibrony, becoming instantly inspired to share their views on MLP as well as other fandoms they're in.

Due to their voice and size, they are often given comments of being cute and mistaken for a filly, which sometimes they accept if it's someone they love and or care about, but if it's a stranger they may just end up hiding in their fluffy pink chest and squeak like the mousy pony they can be.

They are a very passionate pony, and with passion comes stubbornness. If they put their mind to something, especially involving their friends, you better believe they'll go through with it. They're also passionate about being kind and accepting, but are also wary if not terrified of trusting new ponies due to a severe case of bullying online by somepony named Cassie Cantaloupe.

Now Buttons does have mental health issues, so they are also extremely wary of letting ponies too close in case they find out about them.

Buttons is a high supporter in the LGBTQV community, and promises to accept all ponies no matter race, religion, or sexual orientation/gender identity. However, if you are in fact not kind or cruel to them or their friends, you better expect to be pushed away and ignored.

Their accessories are with meaning, the flower crown is enchanted to always be alive and in full bloom, given to them by a very special owner they once had who they considered a mother. (She sadly died due to breast cancer when they were seventeen). The charm on their tail is a close way of saying they wear their heart on their hooves, but also try to keep their past behind them. Their socks are to match their big brothers, as well as show they're agender and loud and proud about it!

Their loves in life are reviewing, animation of any kind, musicals, horror movies, anime, cosplay, writing, roleplay, video games, and drawing. They hope to go to the school "Rode Island School Of design,' and become a character designer and storyboard artist.

Flowers for milkshake-Recovered

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