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Trivia Edit

  • He is the most frequently shipped Bronalysist, currently having over sixteen pairings involving him.
  • "AnY" stands for "Analyzing 'n' You"
  • AnY lives with his Rule 63 version "Anny", and his discorded version "D". They are both from alternate universes and AnY met them through what he described as an accident concerning "The YouTube Continuum". The jury is still out on what exactly that means.
  • For his 3,000 subscriber special, in which it's traditional to sing Winter Wrap Up (Or some other MLP related song), AnY sang Winter Wrap Up in German.
  • AnY's OC is half-changeling, his father was a changeling and his mother was an earth pony. He can only switch between his pony form (pictured above) and his changeling form.
  • He gets blamed for everything.
  • German

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